Are phones really phones – I don’t think they really are. Lots of us used to use Nokia phones and they were small and stored in our pockets. The phone quality was really good.

And in the last few years some changes. Started by Blackberrys phones became more than a piece of plastic and silicon, they started to be a means of communicating on a grander scale.

The first smart devices were Palm devices. In 1998 I used a Palm device that synced to my Lotus Organiser on the pc. And surfing on the web with wap was an experience. The point is was it worked and I truly had the first smart device.

And Palm bought by HP sent to the dustbin. The best operating system of all is now a piece of history. Apple iOS is nothing up to the Palm system. Still another lesson is its not the best that lasts….

Google and it’s phone system Android is battling on. The market dominant phone system is progressing. Frankly I find that it’s awful. Google wants us all to rely on their cloud system. It’s slow restrictive and no use at all.

And that leads me to Apple – I have an Apple iPhone, and iPad. The late Mr Jobs was a pain for all who worked with him but an innovator. It’s a good operating system but not really got to grips with cloud computing. Clearly Alan Turing, the greatest computer scientist of then all had and has a massive influence of Apple developers.

Now to Microsoft. I first worked with their products in 1989. When Bill Gates managed the business they were brilliant. Office has changed the world and a small way my business. Windows is a great operating system and kills Apple products. Windows Small Business Server 2011 is the best product of its kind. XP and Windows7 are really good. Windows 8 I don’t know. When Bill retired he was regretfully replaced by Steve Balmer. Again that word comes out is awful. Microsoft has been slow to get rid of Steve. He doesn’t get it. Microsoft should have been dominant on web search, social media and communications. They dominate the server market and so they should.

And that leads me back to phones…. Nokia has made massive losses in the latest quarter. They have adopted Windows 7 system and it is not selling in the UK. The actual key to the smartphone market is operating systems for tablets… And Microsoft is lacking here.

And finally back to making a call. The point is we are making less calls. We are surfing the web social networks and the same. Not a great outlook for Nokia.