By Stewart Mitchell PC Pro

Microsoft could be making an expensive mistake by keeping its Office applications off Android and iOS, according to an IDC analyst.

Microsoft has long been rumoured to be developing an iOS version of its Office applications, but has yet to unleash a full suite of Office apps on anything other than Windows and Macs. Only Microsoft’s note-taking application OneNote appears on iOS.

With the company struggling to gain traction for both Windows 8 and Windows RT in a declining PC market, IDC told PC Pro that the company should be looking to generate more revenue from its market-leading Office suite.

“Personally, I think Microsoft should be less worried about trying to prop up Windows and more focused on offering Office on every device under the sun,” said Tom Mainelli, IDC’s research director for tablets.

“A good, touch-first version of Office for iOS and Android would be a monster hit for the company, but so far it’s keeping Office off of those devices as a way to try to entice people onto Windows devices,” he said.

“It’s not working, and the longer they wait to launch Office for iOS and Android the bigger the risk that people move away from Office to other alternatives.”