June 1987 was the starting point on my pathway to become a management consultant.  I had a desire to really help owner managed business activities and that desire is just the same 30 years later.  Modesty permitting, I have saved a great deal of business activities over the years.

Many people say they are passionate about their business.  Often this is complete rubbish.  I feel if you are passionate about your business, hobby, job etc you will NOT give up.   You will work the hours you have to, to bring your business back online.

So nealy 30 years later, I am still battling on, helping my practice clients to survive in business and move forwards.  If you are lucky in life to have a profession which is your hobby, follow that dream and WORK hard!

Plan for the future, follow your pathway and enjoy your success.

Ian D Uttley BA Hons MBA 

Founder   Ryburn Management Consultants   Ryburn Finance Group  &  silatec.com


Ian with a sculpture of a priest in Ibiza on a very hot day in 2011